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Philippine Recruitment Agency: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to go through accreditation?

Accreditation is required of all employers going through licensed Philippine recruitment agencies. POEA requires this be done to ensure that actual jobs placements are existing in the country where the candidate will be working. In a way, it serves as a background check on the employer.

As an employer, I only intend to hire one person? Do I still need to go through accreditation?

If you only intend to hire one person, contact us so we can discuss your special situation.

I represent a recruitment agency in Singapore with a job order from an employer in the United Kingdom. Can you help us recruit workers?

As a duly licensed POEA recruitment agency, we can certainly provide you with Philippine manpower solutions. Your employer/client will still need to complete documents for accreditation but you should contact us beforehand since this is considered a special case and subject for adjustment.

How do I choose candidates?

Once you give us the qualifications you are looking for, we will identify candidates in our database who match your requirements. We will then email you resumes for your review.

How are interviews conducted?

Usually, the interviews are conducted in our office. The employer may call our office to speak with the candidate, with a representative of our agency on standby. For candidates who are not based in Manila, skype interviews may be done from their current location.

How long before a worker can leave the Philippines?

It really all depends on how long it takes to secure the visa to the country of deployment. It will take at least one month to do accreditation, collect and process worker papers through the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

Do you process the visas for the workers we hire?

It depends on the country. Most countries have embassies here in the Philippines where one can apply for an entry visa or work permit. We do provide assistance in processing of the visa, however, all application fees related to the visa are shouldered by the employer. Note that even with clearance from the POEA, the worker must have a valid visa to the country of deployment. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to clear Philippine immigration.

What is this mandatory insurance required by the POEA?

Philippine Republic Act 10022 mandates that every departing newly hired OFW who is processed through an agency be covered by insurance to answer for accidental death, natural death, permanent total disablement, repatriation cost, subsistence allowance benefit, money claims arising from the employer’s liability, compassionate visit, medical evacuation, and medical repatriation. The total insurance cost for a two year contract is US$75.

What if I have already found the workers I want to hire?

If you have already found the workers you are looking for, then we can process them at the POEA for you. You, as an employer, will still need to go through accreditation. Once this is completed, we will contact the workers you intend to hire and start collecting their documents for processing at the POEA. Please note that adjusted placement fees (charged to the applicant) will still apply and the employer will still be liable for insurance, visa fees, and airfare.

What are the documents needed for accreditation?

These are the documents required to fulfill accreditation requirements of the POEA for all employers going through duly licensed POEA placement firms in the Philippines:

- Special Power of Attorney
- Manpower Request
- Recruitment Agreement
- Employment Contract
- Business License

All the above documents should be notarized and authenticated at the nearest Philippine embassy at the jobsite.